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After work rant

I literally hate everyone I work with. The three owners are the only nice, respectable people.

Bitch number one: I will cut you in half with the edge of a coin if you don’t leave the state.

Bitch number two: The absolute cuntiest of cunts. You stinky fucking rude ass mother fucking ass licking dumbass. I can’t believe I have to answer to you. You’re two years older than me, bitch, you are my peer. Tell me what to do one more time and I will drop kick you so hard you will end up back in your mothers vagina.

Bitch fucking number three: you.dont.have.to.keep.talking. I know what I did. Do I look like a moron? I don’t think so. I’m not. I don’t give a shit about this company or your b.o. You were my favorite person when I first started. Now any time you look at me or speak to me I wanna throw the fuck up because you’re full of vinegar and the shit you spew gets in my way, that’s why I left you ALLLL sorts of work to do tonight. Get the fuck out of my face.

Bitch #4:I don’t care about your β€œredneck life” or your recent hick pregnancy, your dope selling husband. I don’t like that all you do is bitch and I have to sit there and smile.

Girl with the tattoos, you’re cool. I like you. You got a sweet face.
Flamingo girl, no. Just no.
New people, you better be chill because it’s getting real hot in here.

My friends are guys. I need to work with guys. No more chicks. I can’t deal. I caannnttt deaaaallllll.
Little late to hear about this, but Austin Winkler officially left Hinder.


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makes me weak


makes me weak